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What is?

JoomlaFox is 2 diferent thinks: one Firebug extension that runs on Firefox (based on Drupal for Firebug developed by Matt Cheney ) and one Joomla Component and Plugin. If you have both enabled, and logged as a superadministrator, you will see some information about your Joomla or Joomla 3rd Exstensions.

Note: this image can be outdated with the most recent versions of JoomlaFox!. To have sure about this, check the download area.


For who is?

JoomlaFox, for now, is focused for Joomla Developers. You can use and test it, but maybe will not think that is so much useful. Maybe in the future cab be a bit more useful for anothers users.

How to install

Install the lastest version on JoomlaFox Joomla Component .

Install the lastest version on JoomlaFox Joomla Plugin, and publish 'JoomlaFox' plugin

Install the lastest version JoomlaFox for Firebug-Firefox Extension , and open tab 'JoomlaFox' on your 'Firebug' extension of Firefox.

Note: for security reasons, you must be logged as Superadministrator.


Joomla 1.5 as CMS and Firefox 3+ with Firebug extension as browser.

What is version now?

Actually, is just some beta releases, and anyone can use and sugests new features.


JoomlaFox Joomla Plugin

See JoomlaFox Joomla Component download page.

JoomlaFox Joomla Plugin

See JoomlaFox Joomla Plugin download page.

JoomlaFox for Firebug-Firefox Extension

See JoomlaFox for Firebug-Firefox Extension download page.

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