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JFox - JFoxConsole

For others screenshots, see : http://cdn.fititnt.org/plugin/plg_jfox/0.7.0/

What is this?

"JFox - Joomla for Firebug on Firefox" is one extension for Firefox that, with help of one Joomla Plugin, and one optional Joomla component, make more ease for Joomla programers and developers debug yours extensions, or even help with some possible security problems on your Joomla site. For now, is just some releases candidates aimed to Joomla 1.6, and I would like some help to test it and, of course, if you are interested in sugest new features, feel free to post on forum about it.

How to use it

1. Install in your Firefox, with Firebug, the JFox - Joomla for Firebug on Firefox.
2. Install in your site the JFox plugin.
3. (optimal) Install JFoxConsole.

Read this before install, use, and ask questions

1. You ***MUST*** enable fist the System - JFox before be able to run.
2. You must be logged as a super administrator.
3. If you install JFoxConsole, be careful for do not execute commands that will damange your site, because they will work.
4. Do not use on production sites this RC versions.
5. These versions of JFox are for Joomla 1.6, and they are an almost completely rewritten version of JoomlaFox!.
6. These extensions are aimed to Joomla extension developers, not for common Joomla users. Keep this in mind when complaining if it does not work the way you want.

Suport and Help

You are welcome to ask some help on how to use these extensions, help to test and report bugs and suggest features on support forum.

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