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For those who still did not see what lies ahead in the new interface of Joomla 3.0, the administrative template Isis, based on the Bootstrap Twitter, allows an responsive interface, and that is particularly welcome for those who wanted something more "modern." In this article, I draw your attention to a discussion that occurrs right now, how to deal with how to add submenus is made to the CMS Joomla 2.5 will be implemented in 3.0. Especially if you are a components developer, or even an expert UI / UX, this is the moment for you to share your opinion.

Jomlres Submenu, screenshot by kyleledbetter

The administrative template Isis gives you more power to render your submenu

As @kyleledbetter says, Isis allows an extremely powerful standard control of submenus, as can be seen in http://awesomescreenshot.com/020cofl2c. What old standard allowed only be done via one submenu level, now allows an additional submenu. Those who deal with complex systems will like it!

Related to this post, I recommend reading the forum UX Jooml Extension flexible sub menu's, which deals with a discussion of the different media, from how the Joomla CMS makes up as some extensions implement, manage submenus.

Breaking compatibility with submenus of 2.5 on Joomla 3.0

A few days ago, during the testing phase of the pre Joomla 3.0 alpha 2, when was made an explicit invitation for developers to test them their extensions with the new UI, I test my extensions and I realized that with the exception of native components, Isis was not rendering the submenus. As there was no specific documentation about this behavior, as well as the administrative Haltor template (the template accessible) and Bluestork (the current that you use in 2.5) showed how we are accustomed to from Joomla! 1.5, I opened the ticket [#28906] Administrator template Isis does not show component submenus, which was the reference image the reference can be seen in com_helloworld-joomla30alpha2pre__submenuproblem.png. Notice in this case not only in the existence of the submenu at the top of the template image, different from what appears at the bottom of the image, i.e. the "Messages | Categorires". The lack of style in the template Bluestork was expected on this alpha stage.

What to do with code that already exists and how it should work in 3.0

Specifically on the question of submenus, I recommend you stop and see github.com/Joomla3-Admin-template/joomla-cms/issues/79. More than that, if you are interested and that decision affects you, discuss and argue your opinion. As the date on which this article is written, there is still no conclusion on how we deal with this point, I invite you, in particular component developer, and even who is an expert in UI / UX, to see how it should be implemented for developers of extensions. Consider in particular:

  • Accept without changes to the current mode of how submenus are implemented until 2.5 to work without changes, but make no alert about what should be changed
  • Accept without changes to the current mode of how submenus are implemented until 2.5 to work without changes, but in legacy mode
  • Document the change in the management of submenus and force developers to update their extensions
  • ...Do you have another suggestion?

Remember that different from what would be expected that discussions would be made or the JoomlaCode, or on Joomla CMS Github,, discussions regarding specific UI Joomla 3.0 is being made in github.com/Joomla3-Admin-template/joomla-cms. This means that if you want to test, report bugs or send code on the new administrative UI, use this other additional repository as such changes are not implemented directly in the main repository.